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ReX-T Version 4 released

I'm proud to announce that version 4.0 of our regular expression tool ReX-T has been released.

ReX-T Version 4

This version has many new features, like

  • a regular expression library,
  • a source code generator, and
  • omprehensive online help.

Our **Reg[...]

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Halloween Story: Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

by Frank Bitterlich

Let me tell you a story. I am sure that you have heard similar stories before, without doubt in the days around Halloween, and I am sure that the person telling it would swear that it was true. That it happened to someone they know, maybe a friend of a frie[...]

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Ich bin nicht sicher in welcher Zeitzone Facebook mich sieht, aber vielleicht ist das auch der Mittelwert zwischen Sommer- und Winterzeit...

Facebook Screenshot